Call for Papers CIES 2021

Our Moral and Social Responsibility to maintain Planetary Boundaries


Planet Earth is running a temperature: 2010-2019 was the warmest decade on record. Moreover, the worst affected are the most vulnerable in the most marginalized settings across the globe. On the heels of this climate crisis, we slipped into a pandemic. COVID-19 has taught us that humanity can be saved by our collective action to protect each other. The theme for CIES 2021 calls for recognizing the changing contexts and urges us to introspect our social responsibility. The ESE SIG invites practitioners, researchers and youth to share their research, voices and best practices at the SIG sessions. The SIG will consider all papers that discuss the interaction between the four pillars of sustainability-social, environmental, economic and good governance. We encourage the interdisciplinary approaches and cross-sectoral approaches that use a social responsibility lens and its links to climate, environment and sustainability.


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