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ESE SIG By-laws

Our mission statement:

The Environmental and Sustainability Education SIG promotes scholarly research and

professional activities of those concerned with the intersection of education (broadly defined) and sustainable development. Specifically, the SIG explores how the discourse and practice of sustainable development affect educational institutions and how educational institutions facilitate the development of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes needed for sustainable development.

The ESE SIG will have three elected officers: a Chair, a Chair-Elect, and a Secretary/Treasurer. The officers are to be selected to staggered terms of three years. After one year, the Secretary/Treasurer will move up to become Chair-Elect; the Chair-Elect in turn becomes

Chair. Each year, a new Secretary/Treasurer is to be elected. Should an elected officer be unable to serve the full term, elections will be held online to fill that position.

The SIG Chair and Chair-Elect:

a) Represent the SIG at SIG meetings during the CIES annual meeting and throughout the


b) Communicate with the OED

c) Coordinate SIG officer elections with the Nominations Committee

d) Complete and submit the annual report and budget for the following period starting

after the annual conference

e) Coordinate and keep track of activities of the SIG and elected officers

f) Organize meetings and workshops to keep membership engaged throughout the year

The Chair-Elect:

a) Will preside over the Program Committee for the annual CIES Conference and will enlist

volunteers from the SIG’s membership for the peer-review process and the

paper/poster/roundtable proposals.

b) Will organize highlighted and regular panels and related sessions among the accepted


c) Will communicate with the CIES program committee to indicate the results of the

evaluation of the proposals.

The Secretary-Treasures:

a) Will maintain the historical archives of the SIG

b) Will manage the SIG website, listserv or email list and social media as well as the micro-

pages managed by OED.

c) Will maintain and produce meetings minutes at the annual SIG business meeting

d) Will plan the business meeting with the chairs and provide information on the SIG’s


e) Will disseminate newsletter and post announcements from the ESE SIG and members

on social media.

Nominations Committee

The Chair will appoint two people for the Nominations Committee responsible for:

a) Selecting the nominees for SIG officer elections according to the process determined by

the SIG

b) Forward the positions up for election, and term(s), names, short biographies (100

words) of the nominees for SIG officer elections to the OED.

The ESE SIG if further ruled by the Handbook for Officers of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of the Comparative and International Education Society as approved by the CIES Board of Directors.


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